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The designer created the Canada Goose and many other brands like Arcteryx, Otto Gear, decided to start producing their own line of clothing under the brand of Westcomb, canada goose chilliwack bomber on the same plants in Canada owned by his father, now producing these brands using the same technology, materials and quality, and Canada Goose, but with one difference.

Westcomb focuses on extensive buyer and is fashionable and stylish clothing shown on the famous catwalks and ranks with Armany, Hugo Boss, Valentino, Donatella Versace, Prada, Dolce Gabbana & Mexx, Zara and Roberto Cavalli unlike Canada Goose jackets, originally created for industrial use by professionals, overseers, military and polar explorers, always giving items of a technical nature.


If you want to look your best interest and simultaneously be protected from low temperatures and wind buy Westcomb. This outfit perfectly shows your status and difference from the people around you.

All popular models you can find in our store, which guarantees the authenticity and quality of the goods. A wide selection of men’s and women’s jackets, down-padded coats, parkas.

Canada Goose jacket is also known worldwide as Outfitters Goose is a world leader in the production of warm clothes. The basic specification is the production of increased thermal resistance down-padded coat, clothing from this manufacturer are sent on an expedition, many famous scientists, when exploring the northern regions of our planet. The company was founded in the year 1957 Sam Tick and was originally called the “sportswear Metro (METRO SPORTSWEAR).

The company is called “sportswear Metro (METRO SPORTSWEAR) and produces a warm downy clothing. Brand name change occurred in the year 2000, when it was renamed the Canada Goose. All products cheap canada goose are produced to this day, sold under the brand Canada Goose. The company is located in Canada, and the head office is located in Toronto. There are regional offices in Stockholm, Sweden. It is in 2010, the company decided on opening an Office outside of Canada, this country was chosen by Sweden. Office of the company located in Sweden is focusing all its energies on promoting the brand in Europe. Also in the year 2011, the company was acquired by the firm Engineered which for several years has helped sell products across Europe. Now the company Canada Goose outlet is a progressive organization that makes excellent products to its customers. Today the Executive Director is Dani Reiss, who is also the grandson of the company founder.

Canada Goose company offers to its customers a wide range of products, a variety of jackets, waistcoats and hats, gloves, etc. All of these products canada goose womens parkas are designed to protect its owner from bad weather conditions. Products are filled with feathers of geese and ducks, and above can be used fur Coyote or Fox. It is now up to the canada goose jackets online of this type are quite popular. Originally clothing was popular in the Scandinavian countries, the popularity lasted till the year 1998, and only later it became popular in the country, producing the same wonderful jackets in Canada. The popularity of the beginning of the year 2008 with spread. Many celebrities have been seen in the company’s products, and it is for this reason that the jackets and jackets began the meantime huge parties. Also in jackets company began filming world famous canada goose sale celebrities in movies, again advertising the product. Jackets this company notable in this film as “the day after tomorrow”, all polar scientists in the film were in jackets from Canada Goose. In addition to the film industry, the products of the company constantly appears in computer games, which tell about the global oledenenii.

Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber

For more than 50 years, Canada Goose produces a real functional gear for extreme weather conditions for those who need confidence in the quality.

Starting with a modest line of jackets and shirts of wool on a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada Goose has evolved into Canada goose Outlet a leading producer of extreme gear with world fame.

In clothes from Canada Goose will make you feel at home and in research centers on the cold South Pole, and in a sleigh Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber  pulled by Huskies in Alaska and on the set of the film, and in the most exclusive fashion centres. Wherever needed protection from weather conditions,  Cheap Canada goose highest quality and exemplary style, you can find a Canada Goose.

No need to open the eye to see through one hundred times per day these Canada Goose jackets. The flagship model? The Chilliwack bomber blue adored by young people. This jacket is inspired by those of the aviators by war in the North of the Canada. Where the importance of hot apparel for any movement. But today, this coat canada goose chilliwack bomber has become a piece of fashion more than a fighter. The practical aspects of bomber were swallowed up by the trademark symbol and its influence. The generation is now a fan of the latter and does not hesitate to put minimum €600 for wearing the Canada Goose logo. One of our latest trends was, moreover, the Canada Goose jackets without sleeves the fall collection Canada goose Jackets winter 2015-2016! Then, something tells us that this success story is not ready to stop.

Surely you remember our music on the case of the Canada Goose jackets stolen out of high schools. The model Chilliwack bomber is one of the Favorites of students and subject to flight. With its White Duck down, its great padding, it is the darling of all this winter. It is seriously watching new models of Canada Goose, history to know in advance the next must – have winter!